Importance Of Asbestos Monitoring In Your Property

Asbestos Monitoring

Of late, many people are quite aware of the ill effects of asbestos. Even though you have removed the asbestos material from your home, it is important to monitor the asbestos level in the air. Inhaling air suspended with asbestos particles could be severely bad for your health. You can find out the asbestos level in the air through SERS asbestos sampling process. You should always hire a professional for asbestos removal of asbestos monitoring. Now let us see why asbestos monitoring is important for a home. To learn more about safety issues at work place, you may refer

There are two main reasons for the asbestos monitoring in your property. First is to find the level of asbestos fiber in the air. The second reason is to check whether the implemented asbestos removal is working effectively or not. What is more important is the test conducted for monitoring and should be strictly adhered as per the regulations and norms set forth by the regulatory body and Safe Work Australia. These tests are must for the materials that contains friable asbestos. There two types of asbestos related to monitoring. Friable asbestos is the asbestos which is present in the material that can be broken, crushed, crumbled or crushed; then those materials have high risk of circulating asbestos in air.

Non-friable asbestos is the substances that are present in the material, which can be pulverized, broken, crushed, etc. Asbestos monitoring is mandatory, when the removal of friable asbestos is performed. Though asbestos monitoring is not mandatory for non-friable asbestos, it is better to conduct one for guaranteed safety.

Asbestos air monitoring could be conducted through different ways such as control, exposure, clearance monitoring and background. Control monitoring is performed to find out the effectiveness of the method implemented for removal of the asbestos materials. This monitoring is performed by deploying monitors in a fixed location. Exposure monitoring is performed by collecting the air samples from the regular living zone and comparing the sample with national exposure standard. The very purpose of this monitoring is to find out the level of risk of breathable asbestos.

Background monitoring is done to find out the level of asbestos fibers before the removal of asbestos material. Clearance monitoring is conducted finally after the removal of asbestos materials from home or building. If the test results show that the airborne fibers level is below .01 fibers/mL, then the area is considered as safe for living. The area will be blocked for human activities if the level is beyond the normal.

These days, you can see many companies offer asbestos monitoring service. You may be little confused on selecting a good company. You can do some checks to ensure that you make use of a good company. First, check whether the company has modern instruments for asbestos monitoring. You can check the status of recent asbestos monitoring projects to find out their efficiency. Secondly, you have to check whether they conduct test strictly according to the rules and regulations guided by the regulatory body. You can also refer the customer testimonials to get clear details about the prospective companies.

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