Finding The Best Weighted Shirt

Weighted Shirt

What is this weighted shirt all about? If you want to know more about weighted shirt, then simply keep on reading this article. As the name denotes, the weighted shirt has more weight. The purpose of adding weight is to increase your body movement resistance. With the increased resistance to body movement, you would put more effort on your physical activity, thereby effectively burning the calories and fat. Some of the examples of weighted shirt are cross101 and titin weighted shirt. By doing workout donning a weighted weight, you can increase the workout effectiveness. To know more about the status of your health and related things, you can just visit

There is significant difference between cardio and weight training. The cardio works only when you are doing the exercise. It means, the calories will burn as you do the workout. On the other hand, the strength training help you burn the calories, even after you finish doing the exercise. Do you really need a weighted vest? This article tries to explain the importance of the weighted vest. Simply imagine that you are doing the regular cardio by wearing a weighted vest of 10 pounds. By adding 10 pounds, the intensity of the workout increases, thereby making you burn more calories in a shorter period of time. When the calories burn, the fat will get lost and you will get lean muscle.

With weighted vest, you can cut down the workout timing. If you have a very tight schedule every day, but still want to work out effectively, then weighted vest could be a great option.

Here are few things to remember when you are using the weighted vest for the first time.
· Do not workout extensively when using the weighted for the first time.
· Allow your body to get adjusted to the weighted vest, before you do the workout in full intensity.
· You should take little bit of care, when you are running with weighted vest. When you run for long, your lungs will need more oxygen.
· As weighted vest increases the resistance, your body will need more oxygen than usual. So, make sure that you do not use the weighted vest often or more for running.

There are many things to keep in mind, when buying the weighted vest for the first time. Remember that the weighted vest is manufactured by different companies. The features vary from model to model. You should know what type of weighted vest will meet your needs effectively. Some vests are designed for light workout, while some are designed for strenuous workouts. Henceforth, you need to choose one according to your workout regimen. Some weighted vests come with pocket to increase and decrease the weight, while some vest do not allow you add weight.

If you are clueless about the weighted vest, then you can get help from the Internet. There are many websites, which publishes the reviews of various weighted vest. After you finish reading various expert reviews, you would be able to decide which model vest would suit your needs better. So, do not miss to read the reviews before you proceed with shopping.